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Our purpose

Leading Aspirations.

Our Vision

To be the preferred financial advisory group, inspiring and grooming financial leaders of tomorrow.

Our core values

Go Above and Beyond

Be Intentional and Driven

Pass it Forward

Strive for Breakthrough

Our logo

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Our senior leadership team

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Derrick Wee Li Heng

Director, Financial Services

I am a motivated and driven individual. My purpose in life is to be able to be in a position to help and take care of the people around me. Being able to impact and influence younger Financial Representatives to accelerate their path to success in life keeps me motivated to do what I do.

League Advisors is like a 2nd family to me. In League Advisors, we are made up of awesome people who truly cares for one another as well as act in the best interests of people who crossed path with us. We worked hard and we party really hard as well. There is great camaraderie in the team, where we provide support for one another to scale towards greater heights.


We are a group of individuals who aim to lead aspirations, inspiring and guiding people towards where they want to head towards.

Hobbies: Futsal


  • B.Eng. (Mechanical, NUS)


  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)

  • Institute of Banking and Finance Advanced Level 3

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neo chin wei, deon

Executive Senior Manager,

Financial Services

Coming from a humble family, I started working part time in F&B at the age of 14. Main reason is to be independent by cutting off allowance from my parents to make sure they can keep up with the daily household expenses. When I joined this industry, I wanted to make sure that I will spread the benefits of what proper financial planning can bring to the table and elevate your lifestyle.


I learnt that family is a very important factor in my life when I signed on as a Pilot. Being far away from home and having to constantly video-call my family made me realise that being a Pilot was not a suitable career.

I decided to drop out of that path, and till date, I have no regrets. 

League Advisors is a home away from home. Even though we all come from different backgrounds, we come together to run towards a common goal; Leading Aspirations.


Against all odds, together as one.


  • B.Acc (SIT)


Associate Financial Planner

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